The Weirdest Places to Find Pokemon – VentureBeat

It’s official. We’re obsessed with Pokemon Go.

  • More than 82% want to catch them all.
  • 50% of those surveyed have played for over 3 hours trying to do so.
  • And 40% have walked between 11-30 miles to do so.

Perhaps most staggering is 70% of plan on playing a month from now. In today’s world where app activation and retention is critical, that is a staggering feat.

So, PokemonGo has gotten us up off the couch. But what’s the weirdest place you’ve found a Pokemon? A cornfield, a bathroom, a truck stop? VentureBeat’s Stewart Rogers has the pick.

To find out the weirdest place to find Pokemon, and for more on this story, find the original writeup on VentureBeat

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