Are Brexit Voters Concerned? Our Brexit Survey Methodology Says Yes

Pollfish and PredictWise conducted a series of surveys before and after the Brexit vote to reveals voter’s sentiment on the economy, and whether voters for leave, remain, or non-voters regret their decision.

While experienced pollsters from around the world got this one wrong, the Pollfish Brexit survey methodology predicted Leave within the margin of error.

Some key points from the data on the economic outlook:

  • Remain Voters and Non-voters are very concerned with the market condition
  • Leave voters have unwavering confidence for an upward turn in the market

On whether the decision to leave was the right one:

  • Remain voters were steadfast
  • Leave voters still would vote leave, although 11% are now unsure
  • Non-voters are now in favor of remain

Find out how the Pollfish survey methodology is changing the way market research is conducted around the world, leveraging a world of highly engaged mobile app users in half the time of a traditional survey panel.