Survey Delivery in Mobile Survey Network

How Do Surveys Get Delivered in the Mobile Survey Network?

There are many ways to find survey respondents online, so how does Pollfish deliver their surveys in the mobile survey network?

Pollfish created an SDK or Software Development Kit for an app Publisher to integrate the survey tool into their app.

There are literally thousands of app Publishers (iOS and Android) that have integrated the SDK into their apps, and are  continuously growing – adding hundreds of consumers by the minute from around the world.

A consumer only sees a survey while they are in-app – that is, an app must be open for a consumer to take the survey.

How does it work?

A small notification icon pops up while a user is in app. If they tap it, they will see a prompt that offers to enter them into a drawing (usually for a gift card to a prominent retailer or e-tailer) – or, the app Publisher may elect to provide them with in-app credit.

If a screening question is integrated into the survey, the user sees the question, answers it, and based on the response and acceptance criteria set up by the researcher, they then are shown the questions in the survey.